How High is Brașov? Discover the Elevation of Our Medieval City

How High is Brașov Discover the elevation of our medieval city

Are you a trivia buff? Do you want to know how high Brașov is?

You are in luck, we have just finished putting our measuring tape away. 

Just kidding, just widely available and accepted elevation data. And amazing photos, of course.

So, let’s get started.

Find out where you can find the best views of our city.


The Allure of Higher Altitudes

The elevation of Brașov contributes not only to its scenic beauty but also to its climate and atmosphere. 

At higher altitudes, the air is cooler and refreshing, offering a welcome respite, especially during warmer months (although not so much in recent years).

You can enjoy a distinct change in temperature as you explore the city’s top attractions.

And if you are looking for some outdoor adventure, the elevated terrain around the city provides a perfect getaway to hiking trails, biking trails, and ski slopes.

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