MOney Essentials in Brașov

Are you wondering about ATM locations or when exchange offices are open? Curious about paying with cash or credit cards? Interested in tipping etiquette?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive money guide for Brașov.

Whether you need the nearest ATM, want to know exchange office hours, or understand how tipping works, this guide has all the practical information you need to navigate your finances while exploring Brașov, without any unnecessary headaches.

Money Guide

We’ve have a currency converter ready to assist you.

It’s handy for planning your trip or keeping track of expenses while you’re in town. This tool helps you calculate exchange rates for different currencies, including:

  • Euros to Romanian Leu (EUR to RON),
  • US Dollars to Romanian Leu (USD to RON),
  • and Great British Pound to Romanian Leu (GBP to RON).
Food & Drink

Where to eat and drink

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